I am REALLY happy to be posting this shoot.  Emily, Garrett and I (and Ben) met in 2010 when they were planning their 2011 wedding.  To say it was love at first sight would be a gross understatement.  We immediately became what still feels like family.  I have photographed them over the years in all sorts of ways, and have always kept in much over social media.  I'm so super, super happy to know that very soon (like in a couple of days as I write this) their daughter will be entering into her life and theirs!  GAH!!  So so so absolutely love this couple!  Please enjoy their maternity shoot we did up in Rye, New Hampshire in May.   Thank you both SO SO SO MUCH!  I LOVE YOU BOTH!
EmilyExpectSMALL001.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL002.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL003.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL004.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL005.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL006.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL008.jpg EmilyExpectSMALL007.jpg

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I am lucky enough to call the Larrson mom, and the only female under this roof, a great new friend of mine.  She works at Union Press Publishing and we (along with the rest of the crew at UPP) are just finishing up the third cookbook we did together (as in: I was the photographer and they were the creative explosion and publishing arm).   Through this extremely fun and incredibly creative process, a whole crew of us are bonded for life.  And I am on my knees in gratitude. So, I was all too eager to bounce on over to Milton to chase these CUTIES around their home the day before Easter.  Shelby and Mike have created a beautiful home full of love and confidence, hilarity and fun.  Their boys, Will and James, will have a wonderful life full of happiness and the confidence to be who they have the potential to be.  What else can anyone ask for.  It was an honor to be there and then show them what they look like surrounded by love.  I love you guys. thank you so so so much. LOVE!
  LarrsonSmall001.jpg LarrsonSmall002.jpg LarrsonSmall003.jpg LarrsonSmall004.jpg LarrsonSmall005.jpg LarrsonSmall006.jpg LarrsonSmall007.jpg LarrsonSmall008.jpg LarrsonSmall009.jpg LarrsonSmall010.jpg LarrsonSmall011.jpg LarrsonSmall012.jpg
LarrsonSmall013.jpg LarrsonSmall014.jpg

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Boys, boys, boys!   Danielle and Jed had their fourth baby...BOY!  This family in Scituate is so insanely adorable and sweet and fun I can't stand it.  I didn't want to leave I was having so much fun with these guys. This is the cutest little family on the South Shore. Promise.  Enjoy! THANK YOU!
DuaneSmall001.jpg DuaneSmall002.jpg DuaneSmall003.jpg DuaneSmall004.jpg DuaneSmall005.jpg DuaneSmall006.jpg DuaneSmall007.jpg DuaneSmall008.jpg DuaneSmall009.jpg DuaneSmall010.jpg DuaneSmall011.jpg DuaneSmall012.jpg
DuaneSmall013.jpg DuaneSmall014.jpg DuaneSmall015.jpg DuaneSmall016.jpg DuaneSmall017.jpg DuaneSmall018.jpg DuaneSmall019.jpg DuaneSmall020.jpg DuaneSmall021.jpg

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Maybe you've heard that I have started a new project...not to replace, but to *add to* T.Spoon Photography, high school senior portraits, and commercial photography.  It's called The Love Offensive and it's a lifelong project in the making combining photography, yoga, and world travel.  Our basic ethos is to empower the body and free the mind so we can truly see and celebrate each other all over the world.  I hope that sounds as awesome to you as it does to me! 

I just held The Love Offensive for Girls at my house last weekend, and it was truly a blast!  I had eleven 11-year-olds over for a day to teach them yoga and photography. What we really talked about was stilling the mind, trusting yourself, listening to each other, and making each other feel seen, beautiful, and special.  It was a really good day, and the girls left exhausted and feeling excited about their new skills behind the lens and on the mat. 

I'll be holding The Love Offensive for Girls all over the area (and beyond) and I'd love to work with your daughter/school/girl scout troop/running club (you get the idea :)).  I have all sorts of dates on the calendar with different groups of girls, and I'm super stoked!  If you'd like to sign your daughter up for the next open day-long Love Offensive, please sign up on the website: www.theloveoffensive.com/girls 
Thank you so much for your endless support as I try to live my life as a supportive, love giving, mood boosting girl myself.  Everything you have ever done for me is greatly appreciated and utterly humbling.  Thank you.
smallgirls001.jpg smallgirls002.jpg smallgirls003.jpg smallgirls004.jpg smallgirls005.jpg smallgirls006.jpg smallgirls007.jpg smallgirls008.jpg smallgirls009.jpg smallgirls010.jpg smallgirls011.jpg smallgirls012.jpg

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til_payday says:

Thanks for this article. I'd also like to express that it can often be hard if you are in school and simply starting out to initiate a long credit standing. There are many students who are just trying to endure and have an extended or favourable credit history are often a difficult matter to have.

(04.12.17 @ 06:19 PM)
Julie Olson says:

So get this... there is that girl you went to high school with. She was many things. She was hilarious, beautiful, exceptionally intelligent, sincerely likable and a true leader. She grew into her own and by character, shares her beautiful gifts with the world, making it a more beautiful place with every photograph and ever pose. There is so much meaning behind her which translates into every word she speaks, every picture she takes and every minute you spend with her. Now imagine that this very same girl from high school grew up and has offered an opportunity to work with your daughter and her best friend to learn about inner strength, self awareness and the impact of positivity. What a blessing. What a profound blessing to have my daughter learn from you Tara. You've been a part of my roots and now my branches. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for sharing your lens with these young ladies and the world.

(04.15.17 @ 10:06 AM)
I'm from a small beach town in New England called Marshfield.  It's a workin' man's town surrounded by wealthier, fancier towns, and we like it that way.  We hear that being the scrappy underdog builds character, and our identity is in our grit and our work ethic. 

And fuck those rich kids. ;) 

I'm not sure if this is the case in every small town, but  everyone I grew up with I consider, in some form or another, like family.  I've known them for so long, I love them so much, we've laughed so hard together, cried even harder, and ran from the cops so much that it's automatic family status whether we like it or not.  

One of my first male friends I can remember having is Chris Sheehan.  We met in the third grade and our friendship has endured.  Chris is smart, hilarious, and loyal, and I love this kid like a brother.  By some sort of small town mathematics, since I consider Chris a brother I consider his siblings like my family.   I am not alone in my personal theory of relativity, and thousands of people feel connected to the Sheehan/Shaw family through a sibling, a parent, a cousin, or an uncle.  The entire town calls Chris' dad Chief.  Which only struck me as odd when my boyfriend asked why I kept calling him that.  Aggravated I answered, 'because that's his name.' 

So, when Chris' brother,  Dan, and his wife, Natalie, also a Marshfield native, were suffering, Marshfield stepped up in a mighty way. 
Natalie and Dan's four year old son, Danny, has brain cancer.  It presented itself through bad headaches and nausea, and a trip to the doctor revealed every parent's living nightmare.  When I finally found out through Facebook, I reached out to Natalie and offered the only trick I have: photographs of their family.  She accepted my offer, and two days later I was ringing their doorbell on a Sunday morning in January. 

Little Danny was there at the front door to greet me with a smiley-face scar on his skull in his red hair, and long blonde eyelashes framing his beautiful blue eyes. He's as sweet and gentle as you can imagine a 4-year-old boy to be.  He's helpful and playful and kind, and he's jaw-droppingly adorable and perfect in every way possible.  I asked if he had his own bedroom, and the next thing I knew he asked me to follow him upstairs.  The ol' Sheehan trick, I joked with him.  He smiled.  He sat on his larger than life stuffed moose name Mortimer, and told me his 'fwiend gave it to me to make me feew beddah.'  I wish I lived in a village full of only Dannys. 
Soon after, cars started lining their street, and it was some sort of Sheehan/Shaw reunion in the backyard. Twenty or so relatives of Danny's showed up to stand beside him in photographs.  It was fucking beautiful, and their family showed their hearts that day.  What a loving crew. 

From Natalie and Dan's larger (not actually) family, the overwhelming love and support played out over social media.  Over $50K was raised in four days with a Go Fund Me page called The Danny Fund.  And tens of thousands of people visualized and hoped and prayed to a god they probably haven't talked to in while to save Danny. Complete strangers chanted in Danny's name in my yoga classes, and photo printers donated prints and canvas to the family.  A yoga student of mine named Mike, a total stranger to the Sheehan family, sat and breathed in Danny's suffering and exhaled peace and health.  And from the looks of Facebook, believe me when I say our entire town is on it's knees for Danny, Natalie, and Dan.  
Danny is tough. He's sweet and gentle, but he's tough.   Yesterday (February 7th, 2017) Little Danny had an operation at Children's Hospital here in Boston to insert a chemo port and get a spinal tap to try to find out more about his tumor.  Very soon he will start an intensive chemo and radiation treatment.  And in ten years Marshfield High School will have to brace itself for another hell raisin', heart breakin' Sheehan boy named Danny.  And that's all there is to it. 

Danny has a road ahead of him that he does not deserve.  He is too young to hold this burden, and everyone who loves him, or has ever loved anyone in their life, is surrounding him ready to do whatever they can.  Danny is bringing out the very best in people, the very essence of our being, and reminding us what it is to be human: raw and scared, hopeful and defiant, loyal and generous. To be pure love.   I am confident that Danny will receive the miracle we are all praying for, and he will continue to remind us that there is nothing here on earth worth doing except loving each other.  

Danny, Natalie, and Dan, breathe deeply, have faith, know God, and love madly.  You have thousands and thousands of people praying for you.  Feel that every second of the day. 

DannySMALL001.jpg DannySMALL002.jpg DannySMALL003.jpg DannySMALL004.jpg DannySMALL005.jpg DannySMALL006.jpg DannySMALL007.jpg DannySMALL008.jpg DannySMALL009.jpg DannySMALL010.jpg DannySMALL011.jpgDannySMALL012.jpg DannySMALL013.jpg DannySMALL014.jpg DannySMALL015.jpg DannySMALL016.jpg DannySMALL017.jpg DannySMALL018.jpg DannySMALL020.jpg DannySMALL021.jpg  
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