well, well, well, isn't this exciting!  T.spoon photography is up and running.  rockin!!

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Kate Skypeck a.k.a Settles Mcdoodle says:

May I be the first to comment. What an amazing site. Telling stories and capturing moments in time... What could be better. No one will ever be exactly what they are today, tomorrow. I love it and you.

(10.30.08 @ 07:50 PM)
Jessica Silva says:

Tara - I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!!! You are amazing! xoxo Jess

(11.04.08 @ 04:40 PM)
Tspoon says:

Jessica Silva, what an absolute babe. thank you so much. xoxo

(11.04.08 @ 04:58 PM)
Kelli-jo Bogni says:

T....Sean and I just got finished crying, smiling and laughing at the most amazing photos of our family. You were so great with the kids and they want "Auntie Tara" to come back..like now! You made it so much fun, the creative eye you have for everything is just awesome! Family and friends are so important to me and us. We are so happy and honored to have you in both much love KJ

(11.06.08 @ 02:31 PM)
Jill Farrell says:

All I can say is "WOW"... I just saw Kel's photos and they are spectacular. Your work is really incredible...Can't wait to see you again soon

(11.06.08 @ 09:40 PM)
Heather McCarthy-McDonough says:

Tara...absolutely AMAZING! Every shoot was incredible, creative, beautiful....

(11.09.08 @ 07:00 PM)
Suzie Seagraves says:

Oh Tara, LUV LUV LUV the new blog!!! It looks awesome!!! you go girl!

(11.16.08 @ 09:28 PM)