There is probably only one person left (besides my father) who calls me t.spoon.  That person is Kristen.  Kristen and her family moved next door to me when we were three years old, and the rest is history.  Inseparable best friends as children, moving West together as young women, a maid of honor, you get the point.  A life-long best friend. 
I was thrilled, beyond thrilled, totally honored, when Kristen and Mark asked me to spend the weekend with their family in OshKosh, Wisconsin to photograph them.  I've fallen in love with all three of her kids.  Meet them yourself.  Introducing Maeve, Beau, Drew, Mark, and Kristen...0046.jpg 0008.jpg 0073.jpg 0007.jpg 0022.jpg 0016.jpg 0050.jpg 0054.jpg 0060.jpg 0069.jpg 0070.jpg 0087.jpg

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Kelli Taylor says:

Oh my gosh Tara! I LOVE that last one with the bowling shoes! Of course, they are all great though!

(11.25.08 @ 12:11 PM)
Patti says:

Too cute... all of them. I want you to photograph my family!

(11.28.08 @ 09:49 AM)
Patrice says:

You are talented my friend!

(12.24.08 @ 10:50 AM)