UgandaBlog-1.jpg UgandaBlog-2.jpg UgandaBlog-3.jpg UgandaBlog-4.jpg UgandaBlog-5.jpg UgandaBlog-6.jpg UgandaBlog-7.jpg UgandaBlog-8.jpg UgandaBlog-10.jpg UgandaBlog-16.jpg UgandaBlog-17.jpg UgandaBlog-14.jpg People always ask me what my 'favorite place I've visited' is.   Without a second of hesitation I tell everyone who asks that east Africa is my favorite.  Here are some photographs from my December trip to Uganda.  I was lucky enough to go to Kampala with Maine Media Workshops to shoot for an amazing international organization called Right To Play.  RTP organizes positive, metaphorical games for children in refugee and IDP (internally displaced people) camps all over the world.  Check 'em out.  Donate.  obv.

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