I wish my fat rolls were adorable. 
This is Silas at 9 months. 
How much do you want to put Silas in a toaster, smother him with butter, and eat him?  Julia, Andy, and Silas were gracious hosts last weekend...and were even willing to bring Little One out in the crisp January air so that we could get some cute shots with his hat on. 
Thanks so much, guys.  2009 is your year.  Promise.
003silas.jpg 005silas.jpg 012silas.jpg 025silas.jpg 027silas.jpg 033silas.jpg 035silas.jpg 044silas.jpg 050silas.jpg

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Julia says:

You're truly gifted, Tara. In was such an honor to be photographed by you.

(01.30.09 @ 09:44 AM)