meechinblog20.jpg meechinblog17.jpg meechin15.jpg meechinblog12.jpg meechinblog11.jpg meechinblog4.jpg meechinblog3.jpg meechinblog13.jpg meechinblog10.jpg meechinblog7.jpg meechinblog6.jpg meechanblog2.jpg Mike contacted me a couple of months ago.  He told me that a family friend was photographing their wedding, but he and Angela wanted some engagement shots done by Hitched which he found on the trusty internet.  Both high school teachers in Orlando, they were up in Boston last week visiting Mike's family and their only request was that they wanted pictures 'in Boston'.  I took it from there.  We had a BLAST and, once again, Beacon Hill didn't know what hit 'em. 
Congratulations guys!  miss you already. 

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