Along with over 500,000 Americans (and about 50,000 more annually!), my fabulous, smart, hilarious, strong mom is dealing with Parkinson's Disease.    She's such a good mom and in this stage in her life, she's truly shown me what it means to be gracious and strong in the face of adversity.  I hope to be half as resilient as she is no matter what life serves me.   I have photographed her my whole life, and the past several years have been no exception.  In photography school I made a slide show of her life, to that point.  Here are some of my favorites:  some from the 1950s and 1960s (photographer unknown), others are my photographs and are more recent.  The dude in the photographs is my Dad: the giver of T.Spoon nickname.  Feb17-18.jpg Feb17-19.jpg Feb17-20.jpg Feb17-21.jpg Feb17-22.jpg Feb17-23.jpg Feb17-24.jpg Feb17-25.jpg Feb17-26.jpg Feb17-27.jpg Feb17-2.jpg

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Kelli Taylor says:

You have a beautiful mother!

(02.18.09 @ 10:17 AM)
Shannon Morris says:

beautiful. brilliant. gorgeous. both mom and the photographs.
we are very lucky women.

(02.18.09 @ 01:05 PM)
colette. says:

i will never forget this project in school.
these photos still leave me teary eyed.

give your mama my best,
and you my girl dont ever stop shooting.

(03.11.09 @ 03:40 PM)
Patti says:

I love your mom for giving birth to you. What a beautiful post.

(03.12.09 @ 08:06 PM)
Erin McMahon says:

Wow, T. Your mom is truly beautiful and you are so talented.

(03.25.09 @ 12:09 AM)