I'm writing to announce my first gallery show which will be at A-forest gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.   They will be showcasing some of my photographs from my trips to Uganda and Cuba.  Here are the ones that were chosen.  
My opening is on May 16th from 6pm to 8pm.  Join me if you can.
aforestUGANDA002.jpg aforestUGANDA004.jpg  

aforestCUBA001BLOG.jpg aforestCUBA007BLOG.jpg aforestCUBa8BLOG.jpg aforestCUBABLOG.jpg

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Kelli Taylor says:

Congratulations!!!!! I wish I could go to NY to see these live and in person!!! They are really great! Good job!

(03.25.09 @ 08:45 PM)
Stan says:

Congrats, Tbags! This is awesome!

(03.26.09 @ 11:41 AM)
Angie Baxter says:

Congrats clever girl! x

(04.07.09 @ 07:00 AM)