ahhhhhhh.......  Evan and his family.  His sweet, gorgeous, kind, loving family.   I couldn't love these kids more.   Lily told her dad that she wants to be a photographer "like Tara and go into people's homes and take pictures." 
kill me.
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jen says:

Amazing shots, Tara. Damn you are good!

(07.16.09 @ 12:25 AM)
Kelli Taylor says:

These are great!!!

(07.16.09 @ 10:07 AM)
Suzanne McDonald says:

I've known the Mom, Elise, since we were babies and spend lots of time with this family ... cannot imagine better capsules of who they are! The race-car bed, for example, every time I visit we pay homage.

(07.16.09 @ 10:21 AM)
Jaime Richardson says:

That is all I can say.

(07.17.09 @ 11:47 AM)
Alexis Bronner says:

Tara, these photos evoke such happy feelings. You really captured the joy within this family. These are really special pictures of really beautiful subjects.

(07.21.09 @ 01:27 PM)