Perfect weather and a fabulous family were both on my side last weekend on The Vineyard.  Leslie and Rob met and were married on Martha's Vineyard so needless to say it's a place that holds a lot of very good memories.  Now little Ian and Noah have the incredible opportunity to spend their summers on such a special island.  They know every corner of this island and we raced around chasing the sun for hours.  We had a wonderful day, I feel really lucky to have been able to photograph such a great (and dangerously good looking) family. 
Belkner005.jpg Belkner009.jpg Belkner056.jpg Belkner023.jpg Belkner015.jpg Belkner026.jpg Belkner033.jpg Belkner043.jpg Belkner048.jpg Belkner050.jpg Belkner051.jpg Belkner058.jpg Belkner059.jpg
Belkner061.jpg Belkner063.jpg Belkner065.jpg Belkner067.jpg Belkner072.jpg Belkner074.jpg

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kelli taylor says:

I'm sooo jealous! Martha's Vineyard is one of my favorite places in the whole world! Beautiful session!

(09.29.09 @ 08:16 PM)