Erin is one of my dearest and oldest friends so I was so excited when she asked me out to her beautiful home in Mill Valley (which we now refer to as MILF Valley for obvious reasons if you've ever been there) to photograph her family.

I spent the whole weekend with the McMahon family so there are a lot of photos in this post.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse into Erin and Matt's loving and growing family. 

Bubbles, a jumpy castle, Muir Beach, playgrounds, and ice cream runs!?  Emily can't wait for more photo shoots...after the new baby's arrival.

Enjoy the photos.  Thank you so much to Erin and Matt and Emily (and GUS!!) for all your love and all your generosity and all your trust.  I love you guys very much.006.jpg 010.jpg  017.jpg


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206.jpg 209.jpg

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Kate Shoemaker says:

Wow Tara you are amazing. I wish I had you for my wedding!!! You captured our girl and her beautiful family perfectly. I hope you had fun at Rogers. I was jealous. i hope all is well with you. Again i am so impressed with your work.

(09.16.09 @ 10:30 AM)