Baby Cayden might be the sweetest thing that was ever six days new.   And so lucky to have B and S as mom and dad!  Brian and Steph are luminescent so it's no wonder Cayden is as precious as she is.   She was alert and ready to rock for her first shoot.  And puppy Timothy was proving to be a killer older brother.
Congratulations you guys.  Tons of love.  thank you.  enjoy.

 Shack008.jpg Shack010.jpg Shack015.jpg Shack019.jpg Shack020.jpg Shack025.jpg Shack031.jpg Shack032.jpg Shack034.jpg Shack037.jpg Shack043.jpg Shack044.jpg  Shack004.jpg Shack005.jpg Shack003.jpg

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Angie Baxter says:

Tara, I love these. Very real and raw - such gorgeous work. x

(09.28.09 @ 07:29 PM)