Here they are again: growing and changing and being beautiful:  The Skypecks.  These children are the light of my life, and I can't believe I get to be such a close family friends as they grow up.  There have been a lot of beautiful things happen to me in my time living in Boston, but having such a close relationship with Ben and Anna (and now Small Will) (and Kate and Jay!) is a highlight of my life.  I could gush on and on, but Kate hates that crap so I'll just show some Christmas photos. 
And/or see an older post here. 
SkypeckChristmas2009003.jpg Will is just learning how to walk.  What a thrill!  And big sis Anna is always close by so he doesn't hurt himself. SkypeckChristmas2009006.jpg He's off again!  SkypeckChristmas2009009.jpg SkypeckChristmas2009010.jpg SkypeckChristmas2009012.jpg SkypeckChristmas2009014.jpg

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