And to welcome 2010. 
In an attempt to toast a great year and to procrastinate learning some more Spanish, I've compiled a gathering of my favorite photographs from 2009.  My opinion might change next week, but here's what I came up with as of today, January 4th, 2010.
Thank you to everyone who welcomed me into their lives to photograph them.  Much love and I'll see you when winter lifts!
003b.jpg 003silas.jpg 005.jpg 016b.jpg 020b.jpg 024b.jpg 027b.jpg 027blog.jpg 032b.jpg 045b.jpg 046.jpg 103.jpg 132.jpg
163.jpg Belkner009.jpg Belkner023.jpg Belkner074.jpg Horse009.jpg khloeblog10.jpg LucyBrown005.jpg Maureen020.jpg MHSA4.jpg Shack003.jpg Shack044.jpg Vivian051.jpg

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Kelli Taylor says:

Great work! Keep it up in 2010! :)

(01.05.10 @ 09:35 AM)