I won Honorable Mention in the Texas Photographic Society's photo competition called:  Childhood.
The juror was Jamie Lee Curtis and in her Juror's Statement she wrote that she was looking for the "essence, joy, pain, play, boredom, frustration, and elation of childhood."
They tell me that there were 2,240 images submitted from 11 different countries. So, cool.  Very cool.  I'm pretty excited.  I can't go to the reception because 1. It's in Austin, and 2. I can't get to Austin because...I'll be in Chile!!!!  Rock.  More about that later. 
For now, here's the photograph that won me all that fame and all that fortune. I titled it 'Fear.'

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Tania R says:

Oh, Tara! That's one of my favorite photos of yours. When I first saw it, I emailed it to my sister, saying how perfectly it captures that moment of being a kid and so much wanting to be part of the crowd, trying so hard to get up the nerve to take that step. Heck, it captures moments I even have to this day! Your honorable mention is much, much deserved.

(01.07.10 @ 08:18 PM)
Luisa says:

I am so proud of you!!! This picture is perfect!! what am i saying...ALL your pictures are so beautiful and creative!! VIVA TARA!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

(01.12.10 @ 08:05 PM)
Kelsi says:

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(01.13.10 @ 09:58 AM)
Jaime Richardson says:

Congratulations! That's the one I would have picked if I was the judge and had a million entries.
Well done!

(01.25.10 @ 09:58 PM)