I just spent three weeks in Chile by myself.  Well, I went by myself, but I don't remember ever being alone.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  If someone told me it was going to be this good, I'd never have believed them.  New friends around every corner, hysterical laughing for three weeks, love, adventure... everything I could have hoped for. 
Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the trip.


aSantiago002.jpg aSantiago016.jpg aSantiago017.jpg aSantiago019.jpg aSantiago021.jpg aSantiago028.jpg
PATAGONIA and Eco Camp!! www.ecocamp.travel:
Patagonia001.jpg Patagonia007.jpg  Patagonia009.jpg Patagonia010.jpg Patagonia016.jpg Patagonia022.jpg Patagonia018.jpg Patagonia030.jpg Patagonia034.jpg  Patagonia037.jpg Patagonia038.jpg Patagonia039.jpg Patagonia051.jpg Patagonia054.jpg Patagonia056.jpg Patagonia057.jpg Patagonia062.jpg Patagonia063.jpg Patagonia072.jpg Patagonia073.jpg Patagonia087.jpg Patagonia090.jpg

Pucon, the 'adventure capital of Chile'...I summited Mt Villarica...a live volcano.
Pucon002.jpg Pucon003.jpg Pucon004.jpg Pucon019.jpg Pucon020.jpg Pucon032.jpg

Valparaiso. An UNESCO World Heritage Site and a colorful port city decorated by the best street art I've ever seen.
Valparaiso011.jpg Valparaiso015.jpg Valparaiso016.jpg Valparaiso017.jpg Valparaiso018.jpg Valparaiso029.jpg Valparaiso037.jpg Valparaiso036.jpg

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Patti says:

Gorgeous imagery! Sounds like you had a blast!

(02.15.10 @ 12:29 AM)
Jill Farrell says:

Those are so fab...you should be a photographer for National Geographic. You are awesome!!

(02.16.10 @ 06:30 PM)
Angie Baxter says:

Tara, couldn't you have chosen somewhere interesting to holiday, instead of this run-of-the-mill destination?! HA! WOWOWOW - your photos are incredible, the holiday looks amazing and you look so gorgeous and thrilled to bits. Looks fantastic xoxo

(03.08.10 @ 07:06 PM)
Gary Biron says:

Tara, these pictures are beautiful, very nice.

(03.22.10 @ 09:18 AM)