Add this to the list of miracles:  Baby Sam!  I photographed Maureen last month when she was perfectly pregnant.  It was so wonderful to return a month later and to meet Sam.
Here is one photograph from her maternity shoot and a few from Sam's debut.
Maureen020.jpg Sam002.jpg Sam003.jpg Sam004.jpg Sam011.jpg Sam014.jpg Sam016.jpg Sam018.jpg Sam023.jpg Sam029.jpg

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Megan P says:

Sooooooo Sweet Tara! He has the perfect little profile!

(02.03.10 @ 02:41 PM)
Angie Baxter says:

Love the maternity shot - wow! And the photos of her little guy are just devine Tara. Love the profile :) x

(02.07.10 @ 07:53 PM)