I'm super excited to show you my two new sample albums. 
Both are leather bound and 10x10 and really gorgeous. 
When open, the books will lay almost two feet across your lap.
I can't think of a better way to showcase and preserve your family's photography;
An investment and a gift that will last a lifetime.

L01009.jpg L01010.jpg L01011.jpg L01012.jpg L01013.jpg L01014.jpg L01015.jpg L01016.jpg L01017.jpg L01018.jpg L01019.jpg

And another album.  This one is of Emily, her parents Erin and Matt, her dog Gus, and her then unborn little sister, Ava.

0001EmilyMcMahon.jpg 0203EmilyMcMahon.jpg 0405EmilyMcMahon.jpg 0607EmilyMcMahon.jpg 0809EmilyMcMahon.jpg 1011EmilyMcMahon.jpg 1213EmilyMcMahon.jpg 1415EmilyMcMahon.jpg 1617EmilyMcMahon.jpg 1819EmilyMcMahon.jpg 2000EmilyMcMahon.jpg

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