When I was deciding what to do with Ben for his Special Day to celebrate his 7th birthday, it was super easy.  He loves travel, other cultures, maps, transportation, and computers. 
So it was his perfect day: 
Orange Line to Chinatown (for his first subway ride ever!)
Green Line to the Apple Store
and then some non Wii bowling.

Happy Birthday, Ben!
IMG_1130.jpg IMG_1156.jpg IMG_1160.jpg IMG_1188.jpg IMG_1191.jpg IMG_1211.jpg IMG_1219.jpg IMG_1234.jpg

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kelli Taylor says:

LOOOOOVE this last one!

(03.22.10 @ 09:55 PM)
Lisa Rajt says:

Is Ben yours? I also have a Ben (he's two)!

(03.23.10 @ 09:06 AM)
Maureen says:

Um, insanely cute!!!! Love these shots :))

(04.28.10 @ 10:49 AM)