I get couple crushes all the time in wedding photography, I even fall in love with many a Small.  Photographing Katie, Ian, Ellsie, and Isaac was my first family crush, though.  We had the best time ever in Acton and Concord on a gorgeous Sunday evening in May.  They couldn't be a sweeter, cooler, better looking family.  They were up for everything, and we did it all: A toy store, an arboretum, and what they love best: cooking together. 
Thank you for everything, you guys. 
KatieIansmall004.jpg KatieIansmall011.jpg Ellsie wanted to go to the toy store with me so we could have GIRL POWER in the car!  On our way there, she looked out the window and sighed, 'I wish my mom would call me Rapunzel."  totally.
KatieIansmall012.jpg KatieIansmall013.jpg KatieIansmall016.jpg It's a bummer to realize that you can't use the stickers in the sticker book when you don't own the sticker book.

KatieIansmall021.jpg KatieIansmall022.jpg KatieIansmall032.jpg KatieIansmall034.jpg KatieIansmall040.jpg There was a wedding having their formals photographs done at this park and Elsie was absolutely enamored with the bride.

KatieIansmall042.jpg KatieIansmall043.jpg KatieIansmall044.jpg KatieIansmall046.jpg KatieIansmall050.jpg I took one look at this photograph and thought, 'this is obviously going to be their Christmas card this year.'

KatieIansmall055.jpg KatieIansmall053.jpg KatieIansmall056.jpg CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KatieIansmall057.jpg KatieIansmall059.jpg

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Colby (Gramma) Driscoll says:

I couldn't wait to see the photos and they are everything and more than I expected.
Just beautiful. What an awesome job, Tara!!!
Colby (Katie's mom) Driscoll

(05.23.10 @ 12:43 PM)