Photographing this family was pretty much the best way ever to start the 2010 T.Spoon season.  When Pam answered her front door, my first thought was, 'With a name like Pamela Anderson, you're real lucky you're hot!' 
We went to a horse training field to shoot, a place they go all the time so it was really special to all four of the family members. ;)
They're full of love, friendship, health, and fun.  I hope it comes across in the photographs.
PamAndersonSmall001.jpg PamAndersonSmall005.jpg PamAndersonSmall008.jpg PamAndersonSmall014.jpg PamAndersonSmall016.jpg PamAndersonSmall022.jpg PamAndersonSmall023.jpg PamAndersonSmall028.jpg PamAndersonSmall031.jpg PamAndersonSmall036.jpg PamAndersonSmall039.jpg

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Maureen says:

Love these! Awesome shoot T!

(05.10.10 @ 09:21 AM)