Wouldn't it be wonderful to be super talented and really gorgeous...and a senior in highschool. ;)
Lena is all of those three and much more.  We had SUCH a good time at the Arboretum last week making photographs for her website and blog and general awesomeness.  Find her on facebook: Lena Stein.
Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:
LenaSmall002.jpg LenaSmall005.jpg LenaSmall007.jpg LenaSmall010.jpg LenaSmall013.jpg LenaSmall014.jpg LenaSmall016.jpg LenaSmall018.jpg LenaSmall021.jpg LenaSmall022.jpg LenaSmall023.jpg

kelii--jo bogni says:

Tara....the lighting on these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!Se is beautiful,this shoot leaves me speechles. Love kj

(08.11.10 @ 08:51 AM)