Regina has been trying to schedule a shoot for over a year so when I was driving to their shoot in the pouring rain...I kept driving.  I hoped the rain would stop, but even if it didn't we were still going to get out there and shoot. ;).  Moments before I started, the rain stopped and the sky cleared up, everything was perfect.  Regina's dad re-built a 1930's Model A Ford over a ten year period so we shot quite a bit in the car.  I'm sure her dad was thrilled to have all his grand kids piling into something he had worked so incredibly hard on. 
One by one, each family came down to the beach with me and we had a blast. 
Here are some of my favorites from a great day with a great family.
ReginaSmall005.jpg ReginaSmall014.jpg ReginaSmall017.jpg
Irish step dancing: :)
a new cart wheeler and a tentative little brother:
ReginaSmall021.jpg ReginaSmall023.jpg ReginaSmall026.jpg ReginaSmall034.jpg ReginaSmall036.jpg ReginaSmall038.jpg ReginaSmall039.jpg ReginaSmall041.jpg ReginaSmall043.jpg

ReginaSmall045.jpg ReginaSmall049.jpg ReginaSmall053a.jpg ReginaSmall058a.jpg ReginaSmall063.jpg
I asked which one was the smartest...
Then I asked who was their parent's favorite...;)
You know the drill...Last, But Not Least...
ReginaSmall076.jpg ReginaSmall080.jpg ReginaSmall083.jpg
The fish his friend caught?  It was THIS big!
ReginaSmall089.jpg ReginaSmall090.jpg ReginaSmall096.jpg

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