Ben and I photographed Liz and Todd's wedding in March 2009 and we were all instant friends.  In fact, Liz and Todd are prrrrrrrobably two of my favorite people ever.  So when they told me they were expecting a little girl this summer, I was already in love.  I already knew she'd be gorgeous, smart, kind, and full of love.... I just didn't know how hilarious and athletic she'd be at three days old.
This is not a typical newborn shoot, but it is a typical T.Spoon shoot: real families acting with lots of love and honesty. Messy, funny, lovely, perfect.
Liz and Todd, good luck.  ;).  Looks like you're in for the ride of your lives.  I love you both very much.  Thank you so much for letting me document your beautiful lives.
love. love. love.

A photo from their wedding day:

The joys of the first 72 hours of parenthood...reason #456 why you should marry someone who makes you laugh. :)
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Lisa says:

Awesome ... soooo much better than the faux-Anne Geddes-silly-hat newborn thing one normally sees on blogs. This is why you rock!

(07.05.10 @ 12:11 PM)