Amy has been not only a good friend of mine for over 25 years, she's been a good friend to everyone she knows for over 25 years.  Amy is strong and smart, loyal and trusting, lovely and in love, a wonderful mother, the best wife ever, a steady and strong daughter and sister.  She's truly one of my favorite people ever.
I think her sisters were my first super heroes;  cool and beautiful, nice and funny, strong and smart. 
Their mom: the gorgeous, ice-blue eyed matriarch of 'em all has been a steady force of strength and love.  I know she's enjoying her long tenure as the grandmother of all this love and family.  Nice work, Ronny!
Their families have grown, they're all so gorgeous and so special.  I had the best morning ever with them in Marshfield.  Like I told them it was my little version of a Jolie-Pitt family shoot. :)
SmallCarbone005.jpg SmallCarbone007.jpg SmallCarbone004.jpg SmallCarbone013.jpg SmallCarbone015.jpg SmallCarbone017.jpg SmallCarbone019.jpg SmallCarbone024.jpg SmallCarbone026.jpg SmallCarbone033.jpg SmallCarbone034.jpg SmallCarbone037.jpg
SmallCarbone039.jpg SmallCarbone040.jpg SmallCarbone042.jpg SmallCarbone043.jpg SmallCarbone044.jpg SmallCarbone046.jpg SmallCarbone047.jpg SmallCarbone052.jpg SmallCarbone055.jpg SmallCarbone056.jpg SmallCarbone058.jpg SmallCarbone061.jpg
SmallCarbone063.jpg SmallCarbone067.jpg SmallCarbone068.jpg SmallCarbone070.jpg SmallCarbone073.jpg SmallCarbone074.jpg SmallCarbone076.jpg SmallCarbone085.jpg SmallCarbone086.jpg SmallCarbone089.jpg SmallCarbone091.jpg SmallCarbone021.jpg

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JIll Farrell says:

Awesome pictures!!! That Lucy Brown is almost edible!!! SOOO Adorable! Another fabulous shoot T!

(08.05.10 @ 04:26 PM)
Asha & Glen says:


(08.05.10 @ 09:38 PM)
Maryellen says:

We were the ones honored to spend a morning with THE Ms. Tara! Just blown away by the pictures....xoxo. If we were super-heroes, I call "Wonder Woman" LOL.

(08.06.10 @ 07:48 AM)
Kelli-jo Bogni says:

T- Thank you for sending me another masterpiece! Looking at Aim ,Craig and that Lucyloo MELTS me. Healthy, STRONG, beautiful family! love you guys! kj

(08.11.10 @ 08:56 AM)
Kendra Pope says:

T-Bird! LOVE, LOVE. LOVE these pictures! I got misty eyed just looking at them! I don't know how you capture such emotion but keep it up! AMAZING pictures Tara! Love you!

(08.21.10 @ 08:32 AM)