I love photographing families that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  I especially love families that roll around on dead birds and chew hay. 
It was my second time on the farm with Julia and Stephen. Their family has grown and changed since the Fall.  Hersey, the fabulous, beloved dog I met last year, passed this Spring.  I'm so glad that he has a 20"x30" portrait on their living room walls to immortalize him forever.  
Stephen and Winslow took a trot, I met Louie, the new barn kitty, and of course I met Halle, their new rescued Lab.  Plenty o' dog for Jackson, the white Lab, to harass and chase.
Here are some of my favorites from this shoot, and pictures of the wall galleries that hang in their home from last year's shoot.
wallgallerysmall1.jpg wallgallerysmall2.jpg SMALLjulia005.jpg SMALLjulia006.jpg SMALLjulia009.jpg SMALLjulia010.jpg SMALLjulia013.jpg SMALLjulia019.jpg SMALLjulia021.jpg SMALLjulia024.jpg SMALLjulia027.jpg SMALLjulia043.jpg
SMALLjulia046.jpg SMALLjulia047.jpg SMALLjulia048.jpg SMALLjulia049.jpg SMALLjulia059.jpg SMALLjulia066.jpg SMALLjulia069.jpg SMALLjulia071.jpg

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