And the beach shoots roll on!  God bless Marshfield, it's beaches, and all the rad folk who live there!  I was the luckiest girl in the world last Friday night as I photographed this gorgeous, fun, loving family on the most gorgeous night of the year.
I photographed Krissy, Nick, and Sophie when Sophie was a newbie HERE so I was super excited when she invited me back to photograph her family, all her siblings and their families, and her parents at her parent's killer place on the beach.  It couldn't have been better. 
Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy.  THANK YOU!!!!!
SMALLArmstrong002.jpg SMALLArmstrong013.jpg SMALLArmstrong017.jpg SMALLArmstrong023.jpg SMALLArmstrong024.jpg SMALLArmstrong026.jpg SMALLArmstrong028.jpg SMALLArmstrong034.jpg SMALLArmstrong037.jpg SMALLArmstrong043.jpg SMALLArmstrong047.jpg SMALLArmstrong052.jpg

SMALLArmstrong055.jpg SMALLArmstrong056.jpg SMALLArmstrong060.jpg SMALLArmstrong062.jpg SMALLArmstrong068.jpg SMALLArmstrong070.jpg SMALLArmstrong072.jpg SMALLArmstrong074.jpg SMALLArmstrong084.jpg SMALLArmstrong087.jpg SMALLArmstrong088.jpg SMALLArmstrong095.jpg

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molly says:

OH MY GOSH!!! that little girl flying in the air!? i hope they ordered a GINORMOUS canvas!! So precious and a great shot!

love love love,

(11.08.10 @ 03:45 PM)