Another perfect day on a beach in Marshfield.  And I SWEAR I asked them not to wear matching clothes!  They couldn't resist!! ;)
The Chandlers are an amazing, loving, gorgeous family in Marshfield.  They now all have a bunch of Smalls so the love keeps on keepin on.   Jocelyn has always been a beautiful and kind human so it's fabulous to see her as a mom.  She's so good at it.  Just like everything else she's ever done.
At the end of the shoot they let all the kids go into the ocean with their new clothes on.  It was such a thrill for everyone. It was surely a great way to end the evening.
Enjoy.  Thank you.
SmallChandler004.jpg SmallChandler018.jpg SmallChandler020.jpg SmallChandler022.jpg SmallChandler024.jpg SmallChandler025.jpg SmallChandler030.jpg SmallChandler036.jpg SmallChandler037.jpg SmallChandler038.jpg SmallChandler042.jpg SmallChandler049.jpg
SmallChandler053.jpg SmallChandler056.jpg SmallChandler061.jpg SmallChandler062.jpg SmallChandler067.jpg SmallChandler071.jpg SmallChandler072.jpg SmallChandler074.jpg SmallChandler075.jpg SmallChandler076.jpg SmallChandler080.jpg SmallChandler081.jpg
SmallChandler082.jpg SmallChandler085.jpg SmallChandler086.jpg SmallChandler088.jpg SmallChandler092.jpg SmallChandler095.jpg

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Jocelyn says:

Love them all!! Thanks so much. Can't wait to sit with a glass of wine to order everything!

(08.24.10 @ 12:45 PM)