Another multi-famiy shoot during a little family reunion for them!   It was such an honor to be able to capture such a kind and loving family as they relaxed, laughed...and shot vodka together!  Liza, one of the daughters/now mother of three, has been one of my sister's great friends for 20 something years.  I was thrilled to be able to photograph her entire family  at her childhood North River home in Marshfield. 
I drove away that day thinking about how lucky and healthy and full of love they all are.  It's the kindof place I wanted to hang out at all day; Tons of laughter, great food, great people...and cupcakes and vodka.
blogdbrvsky129.jpg blogdbrvsky130.jpg blogdbrvsky131.jpg blogdbrvsky132.jpg blogdbrvsky133.jpg blogdbrvsky134.jpg blogdbrvsky135.jpg blogdbrvsky136.jpg blogdbrvsky137.jpg blogdbrvsky138.jpg blogdbrvsky139.jpg blogdbrvsky140.jpg
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blogdbrvsky153.jpg blogdbrvsky154.jpg blogdbrvsky155.jpg blogdbrvsky156.jpg blogdbrvsky157.jpg blogdbrvsky158.jpg blogdbrvsky159.jpg

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Megan says:

LOVE all these shots of this Fantastic family, you can feel the love jumping off the screen! Wel done Tara!!!

(08.14.10 @ 08:03 AM)
Heidi says:

Tara! WOW these are the MOST awesome pictures!! I LOVE every single one of them!! Congratulations!! I LOVE when you can FEEL the mood and you capture it always!!!!! xoxo

(08.15.10 @ 11:52 PM)