Precious Smalls on a Precious Island?  Kinda makes you want to pop your collar, put on a cloth belt and wear large patterns in pink and green, don't it?  Everything was in our favor on a gorgeous September afternoon on Nantucket.  It was so nice to concentrate on one family after a summer full of the multi-family love fests on the Atlantic (NOT that I'm complaining. I love both).
Stacey, Nate, Brooke, and Dylan.... thank you so much for having me out and having some serious chaotic fun at your home.
Enjoy. love.
DamianSmall001.jpg DamianSmall003.jpg DamianSmall005.jpg DamianSmall011.jpg DamianSmall012.jpg DamianSmall016.jpg DamianSmall025.jpg DamianSmall027.jpg DamianSmall029.jpg DamianSmall030.jpg DamianSmall031.jpg DamianSmall036.jpg
DamianSmall044.jpg DamianSmall046.jpg DamianSmall047.jpg DamianSmall049.jpg DamianSmall052.jpg DamianSmall055.jpg DamianSmall063.jpg DamianSmall065.jpg DamianSmall066.jpg DamianSmall071.jpg DamianSmall073.jpg DamianSmall074.jpg
DamianSmall076.jpg DamianSmall078.jpg

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Jamie Rose says:

What a fun day and fantastic images! It's wonderful to see what you've been up to, Tara! Congratulations on all your great work.

(10.02.10 @ 09:57 AM)