I was greeted at the front door of the Romeo house by four little pumpkin girls, each dressed more stylish and hip than I was, or ever had been.  Nora Jones was playing softly in the background, and Jason had just finished making pumpkin pancakes. It was a Sunday morning in New England during the early Fall.  Us New Englanders put up with 10 months of the awful weather just so we can have 6 weeks of Autumn. And this was Autumn at her finest.   I'd also venture to guess that people have families with the slight hope that they could have kids like Charlotte, Lucy, Ellie, and Grace.  This is the kindof shoot that spoils children photographers.  The girls were gorgeous, sweet, patient, fun, and constantly looked directly into my lens with a pensive and sweet expression. What? Is this happening.  I could have put my camera on a timer, walked away, devoured those pancakes, and come back to gorgeous photographs.
We went to a pumpkin/apple/cider heavenly place in Bolton, then off to a gorgeous park in the woods.  It might have been the best day of my life.  I mean, besides Burning Man. ;)
Kathy and Jason are wonderful people so they make killer parents.  They're patient, kind, funny, self deprecating, and committed to their family and children.  Honestly, the morning with this family fed my soul.  Who says that? I guess I just did.
Thank you. Love. Enjoy.
RomeoSMALL001.jpg RomeoSMALL003.jpg RomeoSMALL004.jpg RomeoSMALL005.jpg RomeoSMALL006.jpg RomeoSMALL008.jpg RomeoSMALL013.jpg RomeoSMALL015.jpg RomeoSMALL017.jpg RomeoSMALL018.jpg RomeoSMALL019.jpg RomeoSMALL020.jpg
RomeoSMALL022.jpg RomeoSMALL023.jpg RomeoSMALL026.jpg RomeoSMALL027.jpg RomeoSMALL031.jpg RomeoSMALL033.jpg RomeoSMALL036.jpg RomeoSMALL038.jpg RomeoSMALL039.jpg RomeoSMALL040.jpg RomeoSMALL041.jpg RomeoSMALL042.jpg
RomeoSMALL043.jpg RomeoSMALL046.jpg RomeoSMALL047.jpg RomeoSMALL048.jpg RomeoSMALL049.jpg RomeoSMALL053.jpg RomeoSMALL058.jpg RomeoSMALL044.jpg

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Thea says:

Flora told me about you:) I just adore your work. You have a wonderful spirit and such a talent of capturing wonderful moments, love and joy in your subjects!

(10.05.10 @ 09:41 AM)
Gretchen Niaki says:

Just the inspiration I needed ;) GORGEOUS!!

(10.17.10 @ 05:13 PM)