I was in J and C's life when they were a city-dwelling, fast-movin' couple so this shoot was especially nice for me because I got to see them as parents.  Of three boys!  I LOVE that she's had three boys and it was just magical to see her with them.  She's super low key, easy to laugh, low on judgment, super smart, gorgeous, and lovely in every way.  I have really loved her since the moment we met 7 years ago.  While I was editing this shoot I got choked up a few different times... ya know how it is: you see someone you really love in a whole new part of their life and you're just swelled up with happiness and pride. It was like 'dat.
Anyway, the shoot was a blast.  Lots of giggles, lots of running around, lots of soccer, and reading books.  Their family is gorgeous and happy and growing.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone else.  What a lucky crew this is.
Enjoy. Love. Thank you.
myersSMALL001.jpg myersSMALL007.jpg myersSMALL011.jpg myersSMALL015.jpg myersSMALL012.jpg myersSMALL016.jpg myersSMALL022.jpg myersSMALL026.jpg myersSMALL031.jpg myersSMALL035.jpg myersSMALL037.jpg myersSMALL039.jpg
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Angie Baxter says:

Wow - I LOVE these. So heartfelt, real, honest - you ROCK! xxx

(10.18.10 @ 04:10 PM)
jessica says:

thank you... it was wonderful and i'm so happy that you captured all of these moments for us! much xoxoxoxoxo

(10.23.10 @ 08:37 PM)