God knows I hate to play favorites ;), but I think this might be one of my all-time favorite T.Spoon shoots ever.  The recipe went something like: INSAAAAAAANELY cute kids, gorgeous parents, a killer house, a zillion acre farm, peak foliage in New Hampshire, lots of playing!!!, lots of adventure!!!, lots of 'doing stuff' and running around!!...and the mom is an old friend of mine.  C'mon.  I'm almost cheating.  OK, totally cheating.
This was too good.  Look at these kids, please. What?  Are they real?  And the day was perfect, we all had fun, tons of giggles.  I don't even know what else to say.  How's about we look at some pictures?
Ahn and Mike, thank you so much for having me up, for feeding me spaghetti and beer and cookies, and for letting me hang out with your family.  All my love to you all.
AhnMarieSMALL003.jpg AhnMarieSMALL006.jpg AhnMarieSMALL007.jpg AhnMarieSMALL008.jpg AhnMarieSMALL011.jpg AhnMarieSMALL012.jpg AhnMarieSMALL014.jpg AhnMarieSMALL015.jpg AhnMarieSMALL022.jpg AhnMarieSMALL024.jpg AhnMarieSMALL027.jpg AhnMarieSMALL030.jpg AhnMarieSMALL033.jpg AhnMarieSMALL037.jpg AhnMarieSMALL040.jpg AhnMarieSMALL044.jpg AhnMarieSMALL046.jpg AhnMarieSMALL049.jpg AhnMarieSMALL055.jpg AhnMarieSMALL056.jpg AhnMarieSMALL059.jpg AhnMarieSMALL060.jpg AhnMarieSMALL063.jpg AhnMarieSMALL065.jpg
AhnMarieSMALL067.jpg AhnMarieSMALL068.jpg AhnMarieSMALL070.jpg AhnMarieSMALL072.jpg AhnMarieSMALL077.jpg AhnMarieSMALL078.jpg

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Marce says:

Unbelievably cute!!! Seriously. LOVING it!

(10.21.10 @ 11:00 PM)
Amy says:

T - Once again, WONDERFUL pictures! What a beautiful family and what a great day you all must have had!

(10.22.10 @ 08:17 AM)
maureen says:

Love the energy in these- awesome :)

(10.28.10 @ 08:01 PM)
Kelli-jo Bogni says:

Aww! I wish I was there to play too! I dont know which picture I love more!!! Beautifull T love you all!

(10.29.10 @ 08:29 PM)