Aww man, remember when you had just one kid? And remember when that child was new? Now picture all of those emotions and nerves and hopes and fears and put that little guy in a city, by the water front...and aim a camera at him. I think I took five years off the end of Brandon and Jen's life, but me and Kieran sure had fun!!  This little guy is so insanely cute and he was so sweet in his little sport coat.  We had a blast, I hope mom and dad had a drink, and Kieran had a great adventure.  Sounds like a Saturday to me.
Thank you. Enjoy.
KolarSmall005.jpg KolarSmall011.jpg KolarSmall016.jpg KolarSmall022.jpg KolarSmall024.jpg KolarSmall025.jpg KolarSmall028.jpg KolarSmall033.jpg KolarSmall035.jpg KolarSmall037.jpg KolarSmall038.jpg KolarSmall044.jpg
KolarSmall045.jpg KolarSmall054.jpg

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JK says:

Amazing job Tara! You captured our family so well. We see several of Kieran's silly faces and can almost hear his giggles. Well done.

(11.03.10 @ 08:48 PM)