Sighhhhhhh...... Not sure what to say about these three because everything I write is going to come across as hyperbole; Adorable, gorgeous, kind, funny, smart, loving, cool, honest. I cannot say enough good things about this family or this couple.  They are the kind of people that everyone loves. I'm so happy they found each high school. Little Jack is the love of their lives and it's so super sweet to see them all together.
Sara and Joe sat across the table from me at a wedding I *attended* in 2009.  It was friend-love at first sight and she was pregnant with Jack.  Needless to say, I fell all over myself when she wrote to ask for a shoot.  NEVER MIND it was going to be on Halloween day on Jack's first dress-up Halloween.  I hung out with the three of these Love Snuggles for a few hours on Halloween morning.  This is what I saw.
thank you. enjoy. love.
SaraSMALL001.jpg SaraSMALL006.jpg SaraSMALL009.jpg SaraSMALL015.jpg SaraSMALL016.jpg SaraSMALL017.jpg SaraSMALL019.jpg SaraSMALL022.jpg SaraSMALL026.jpg SaraSMALL027.jpg SaraSMALL029.jpg SaraSMALL031.jpg SaraSMALL035.jpg SaraSMALL037.jpg SaraSMALL038.jpg SaraSMALL043.jpg SaraSMALL052.jpg SaraSMALL057.jpg SaraSMALL059.jpg SaraSMALL061.jpg SaraSMALL062.jpg SaraSMALL063.jpg SaraSMALL064.jpg SaraSMALL066.jpg SaraSMALL068.jpg SaraSMALL070.jpg SaraSMALL071.jpg

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JK says:

Wow Tara, great shots! I found myself giggling as I went through this post. Love.

(11.07.10 @ 10:55 AM)
Meg H says:

what a lovely spread! sara you look so beautiful, beyond words; i wouldn't be surprised to see you and jack in an issue of parenting magazine! you could throw joe in there for good measure! thank you for sharing! :)

(11.14.10 @ 12:35 AM)