I thought I'd post two of my best friends back to back on this here blog.  If you know me, you know Kate.  If you like me, you'd kill yourself over her.  This family is pretty much my surrogate family and I'm more grateful for them every day.  I could go on and on about how much I love my best friend, what close friends Jay and I have become over the years, how I get lost in thought about how much I adore Anna, how Ben is way smarter than me and everyone else I know, and how I stare at Will mesmerized by how cute he is.  All of that is true, but I guess I'm discovering, as I get older, that when the love is endless there are no words to describe it.
Thank god for pictures.
love. forever and then some. you know it.
SkypeckSMALL002.jpg SkypeckSMALL003.jpg SkypeckSMALL006.jpg SkypeckSMALL013.jpg SkypeckSMALL015.jpg SkypeckSMALL017.jpg SkypeckSMALL018.jpg SkypeckSMALL023.jpg SkypeckSMALL026.jpg SkypeckSMALL029.jpg SkypeckSMALL030.jpg

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erin says:

ok, drop dead adorable. but i'm sorry, the best thing about the entire shoot (besides of course the brilliant photography) is the lobster sweater!!!!!!!!!!!

(12.01.10 @ 11:31 AM)