How insanely adorable is this family?!  I can't stand it!!  Little Eva is a DOLL and her parents, grandparents, and uncle (and puppies) are just as cute and sweet.  We ran around Castle Island on a cold and windy November day, but an energetic and gorgeous grandma kept everyone smiling.  I made poor pregnant Kristen run loops around me with her cute little dachsunds before I had her and her family roll around in the leaves.  Needless to say they're not only a gorgeous family, but a fun and loving and awesome one, too.
How lucky am I?
KrisFerrisSMALL009.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL015.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL016.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL020.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL024.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL025.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL026.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL029.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL031.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL036.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL037.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL039.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL040.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL042.jpg KrisFerrisSMALL046.jpg 01-Delicious.jpg

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