Yaay! Back for another year to photograph the growing McMahon family.  Since our last shoot last year (HERE), little Ava has entered the world.  She's as cute as a little round button and big sis Emily seems happy to have a new friend around.  Like all young families, they're a very busy crew, but unlike lots of families they live surrounded by fruit and fig trees, artichoke bushes, and an herb garden.  What a great place to grow up!  After harvesting all sorts of fruit we headed out to tu-tu school where cute comes in buckets. Lots of cuties in tutus and lots of french spoken. It was super sweet. Sunset was spent in the McMahon's favorite place: the beach, and dinner was at their favorite pizza place in San Francisco. Melt down? Oh, that happened in the tub!
What a day. Thank you. Enjoy. Love. Obv.
McMahonSMALL007.jpg McMahonSMALL012.jpg McMahonSMALL013.jpg McMahonSMALL016.jpg McMahonSMALL021.jpg McMahonSMALL024.jpg McMahonSMALL027.jpg McMahonSMALL029.jpg McMahonSMALL033.jpg McMahonSMALL040.jpg McMahonSMALL044.jpg McMahonSMALL054.jpg
McMahonSMALL059.jpg McMahonSMALL069.jpg McMahonSMALL075.jpg McMahonSMALL077.jpg McMahonSMALL079.jpg McMahonSMALL081.jpg McMahonSMALL084.jpg McMahonSMALL086.jpg McMahonSMALL088.jpg McMahonSMALL097.jpg McMahonSMALL099.jpg McMahonSMALL102.jpg
McMahonSMALL103.jpg McMahonSMALL106.jpg McMahonSMALL110.jpg

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