Wow.  Talk about an amazing afternoon for a photographer.  It all started when I went upstairs into Noah's room. There is a wall-sized map of the world and a fireplace cover with all the major cities of the world.  Raising a child with this kind of awareness and sensitivity to the world around him literally had me in tears when I walked in his room.  If you know me at all, you know my life's goal is to see the world and connect with cultures and people completely different than me.  My journeys around the world have brought me sensitivity and humility and gratitude.  I hope the same for little Noah and Jessie.
This house, not surprisingly, has been featured in Boston magazine for it's sheer architectural wonder. But, was the Boston mag article full of two little boys in shark costumes? No, it wasn't.   And if it all wasn't enough: the wonderful home, the beautiful children, the beautiful couple, the gorgeous day, the shark costumes... We ended the shoot with Jessie (age 2) running around in a shark costume, playing the guitar and singing Cecilia by Paul Simon.
I was in awe.
enjoy. thank you. love.
TobySMALL001.jpg TobySMALL002.jpg TobySMALL003.jpg TobySMALL006.jpg TobySMALL007.jpg TobySMALL009.jpg TobySMALL011.jpg TobySMALL012.jpg TobySMALL013.jpg TobySMALL017.jpg TobySMALL018.jpg TobySMALL019.jpg TobySMALL025.jpg TobySMALL026.jpg TobySMALL027.jpg TobySMALL028.jpg TobySMALL032.jpg TobySMALL037.jpg TobySMALL041.jpg TobySMALL046.jpg TobySMALL048.jpg TobySMALL050.jpg TobySMALL052.jpg TobySMALL054.jpg
TobySMALL058.jpg TobySMALL061.jpg TobySMALL064.jpg TobySMALL065.jpg TobySMALL071.jpg TobySMALL073.jpg TobySMALL075.jpg TobySMALL076.jpg

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