My third year in a row with the happy, giggly, energetic, loving, gorgeous, sweet family in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin! LUCKY ME!!!  Kristen has been my best friend since she moved next door to me in 1978.  We've obviously had our share of wonderful and mischievous times, endless memories, and so many wonderful good times.  My annual trip to see her just adds to these memories.  Kristen was made to be a mother; it's the most beautiful expression of her kindness, her silliness, her talent, her patience, and her go-with-the-flow attitude.  Mark is her soul mate and their marriage just gets more fun to be around as their family grows. They laugh at everything and are true partners in this journey.  Being at their home is both hilarious and exciting and sweet and relaxing.  There's nowhere I'd rather be.
We went to a museum, a park, and hung out in their happy home
Mark and Kristen's children get more beautiful and cooler and happier every year.  Come to think of it, so do they.
Here's what I saw this year:
LaskySmall001.jpg LaskySmall003.jpg LaskySmall008.jpg LaskySmall011.jpg LaskySmall017.jpg LaskySmall018.jpg LaskySmall021.jpg LaskySmall024.jpg LaskySmall040.jpg LaskySmall041.jpg LaskySmall045.jpg LaskySmall050.jpg
LaskySmall054.jpg LaskySmall055.jpg LaskySmall059.jpg LaskySmall062.jpg LaskySmall064.jpg LaskySmall065.jpg LaskySmall068.jpg LaskySmall071.jpg LaskySmall072.jpg LaskySmall074.jpg LaskySmall075.jpg LaskySmall076.jpg
LaskySmall077.jpg LaskySmall080.jpg LaskySmall081.jpg LaskySmall083.jpg LaskySmall086.jpg

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Flora says:

I'm in love with that little girl!!!

(11.30.10 @ 11:28 PM)