I'm tellin' ya....it's girls like Ellie who spoil child photographers.  Giggly, cuddly, adorable, really good, really happy, really pretty....sigh.  It's so much fun being around her.  Ellie's parents (and grandparents) are also incredibly great people so the whole experience is wonderful.  I spent an hour with Ellie, Tim, and Katie.  Here's what I saw.
EllieChristmasSML001.jpg EllieChristmasSML003.jpg EllieChristmasSML004.jpg EllieChristmasSML016.jpg EllieChristmasSML022.jpg EllieChristmasSML025.jpg EllieChristmasSML026.jpg EllieChristmasSML027.jpg EllieChristmasSML028.jpg EllieChristmasSML030.jpg EllieChristmasSML033.jpg EllieChristmasSML039.jpg EllieChristmasSML041.jpg EllieChristmasSML043.jpg

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