Man, it was so wonderful to be here for such a big day for Small Sam. I loved this shoot, it was such a special day for this great young family and there was so much cuteness I was absolutely blissed out.  A little boy and his first balloons? SO sweet!!!  His first birthday party, his first birthday cake, and he is soooo close to walking all on his own with his first steps. He is a star at taking those two or three steps into mom and dad's arms.  I can't help but see what an absolute thrill it is for Smalls to learn how to walk.  They're having so much fun, it's so cute to see how proud and happy they are.  Man, it's gotta be one of the cutest things to watch.
Here are some of my favorites from Sam's first birthday....
enjoy. thank you.
SamSmall009.jpg SamSmall010.jpg SamSmall011.jpg SamSmall013.jpg SamSmall015.jpg SamSmall018.jpg SamSmall020.jpg SamSmall029.jpg SamSmall031.jpg SamSmall032.jpg SamSmall035.jpg SamSmall036.jpg SamSmall052.jpg SamSmall068.jpg SamSmall069.jpg

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clippingimages says:

happy birthday babe........

(12.27.10 @ 09:28 PM)