So, it’s late Winter in Boston.  The snow is (mostly) gone, though more is supposed to arrive tomorrow (on April 1st.  How cruel.).   The air is still cold and the trees, flowers and grass have yet to fully realized Spring’s arrival.  Mostly because it’s only technically Spring and dogwood trees don’t have a calendar handy when they need it.  I mentioned the snow forecast tomorrow, right?
Anyway, my point is that it’s not the greatest time for family photography.  May is around the corner and I’ll be in full swing before I know it.  In the meantime, I wanted to show a few shots from some jobs I’ve had over the Winter. I mean early Spring.  🙂
First up, Core De Vie
Core De Vie is a wellness center on Charles Street on Beacon Hill.  It offers all sorts of spa services, movement classes, and a great little fitness store.  It’s owned by a super rad couple and it’s the second time I’ve done a big shoot for them.  Check ’em out the next time your own oh so quaint Charles Street.

Walking up Beacon Street from Core De Vie, we have The 21st Amendment
As the website says it’s the quintessential neighborhood hangout.  It’s right next to the State House and a *perfect* place to bring out-of-towners on your Boston pub crawl.  That’s what we all do, right? Bring guests on pub crawls?  Thought so.
Let’s move this busy-ness to a totally different vibe.  Let’s bring it to insanely gorgeous floral arrangements by Winston Flowers.
I’ve been working with this incredible company for almost six years, and I’m consistently blown away by their artistic, stunning, perfect creations.  This particular gig was for a division of the company that works in private homes, bringing their unparalleled talents to people’s bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms on a weekly basis.  How’s that for lucky, rich, AND having good taste!?  pppssshhh…

And to finish up, we have The Local, another beloved neighborhood restaurant and bar; this one in Newton.   This was a shoot for Wellesley Weston Magazine. They’re doing a piece on this great restaurant and needed some recent photography.  I was happy to help.