After Rwanda, I spent two weeks in Morocco.  I started in Casablanca, traveled north to Fez, onward to Chefchauen, then onto Marrakech, and finally to the dunes of Merzuga.  It was truly a fascinating place to be, and I loved every moment. 
Pictures say 1,000 words I hear. Thank goodness...

First up, the dunes of Erg Chebbi and Merzuga. 
Marrakech follows.
Africa124.jpg Africa123.jpg Africa122.jpg Africa119.jpg Africa118.jpg Africa116.jpg Africa113.jpg Africa117.jpg
 Africa107.jpg Africa106.jpg Africa105.jpg
Africa109.jpg Africa102.jpg Africa103.jpg Africa104.jpg

Next up: Fez!
Africa070.jpg Africa072.jpg Africa073.jpg Africa074.jpg Africa075.jpg Africa076.jpg Africa077.jpg Africa078.jpg Africa079.jpg Africa081.jpg Africa082.jpg Africa083.jpg
Africa085.jpg Africa087.jpg Africa088.jpg Africa090.jpg
Next up, Chefchaouen. The blue-rinsed fairytale in the Northern Rif Mountains:
Africa092.jpg Africa093.jpg Africa094.jpg Africa096.jpg Africa097.jpg Africa099.jpg Africa100.jpg

Kelli Taylor says:

Tara, these are breathtaking! What an exciting and well traveled life you lead!

(04.03.11 @ 11:20 PM)
Jill Farrell says:

what stories your pictures tell...amazing work once again.

(04.07.11 @ 07:22 AM)
Ana says:

These pictures are SO amazing, Tara! The colors are so vibrant!

(04.14.11 @ 04:47 PM)
LoLo says:

Are you absolutely kidding me with this? I mean.... breathless. I am breathless.

(05.06.11 @ 12:52 AM)