Needless to say it was a pleasant surprise to show up to this shoot and see that it was a home chock full of love and....GIRLS!!!
We had a really sweet time chasing Small around a playground or two on a brisk March morning.  We were celebrating her 2nd birthday so the morning was spent climbing stairs, swinging, chasing, and giggling...and runny noses. ;)
Super sweet, super awesome, super family.  Thank you, Massachusetts.  Love, trust, commitment and laughter are the ingredients of a wonderful family.  The rest is up to us.
KatieWolfSML002.jpg KatieWolfSML005.jpg KatieWolfSML007.jpg KatieWolfSML008.jpg KatieWolfSML009.jpg KatieWolfSML010.jpg KatieWolfSML021.jpg KatieWolfSML022.jpg KatieWolfSML023.jpg KatieWolfSML026.jpg KatieWolfSML027.jpg KatieWolfSML029.jpg KatieWolfSML036.jpg

LISA says:

Complete fabulousness, as usual! My faves are the ticklish ones :-).

(04.03.11 @ 10:11 PM)
Katie says:

We has such a lovely time being photographed by you. Thank you for capturing all the love, joy, and sweetness of our little Aliza.

(04.06.11 @ 10:37 PM)