GAGGHHHH!!!! I love it when women feel sexy and beautiful and feminine and healthy and loved.  Stephanie and Jesse were up for everything that had to do with Steph feeling sexy and beautiful.  It was SO much fun to work with this gorgeous couple while they're waiting for their first baby to arrive.  I'll be back again when Small Baby Girl is born and I'm already so super excited to meet her and give her a little hug.  SO CUTE!!
Here we go.  Enjoy...
StephanieSML001.jpg StephanieSML006.jpg StephanieSML010.jpg StephanieSML011.jpg StephanieSML012.jpg StephanieSML013.jpg StephanieSML016.jpg StephanieSML017.jpg StephanieSML026.jpg

Diane- stepmom says:

What terrific pictures. They make a wonderful couple and can't wait to
see the picture when baby girl arrives.

(04.04.11 @ 08:44 PM)