I'm really excited about launching my boudoir photography line because I believe so strongly in making women feel confident and celebrated. I invite everyone who's curious or excited about taking part in something like this to send me an email.  It's a ton of fun, really exciting, and REALLY good for you!! 
Emily is a drop dead stunner.  It's just the way the genetic pool reached up and hand bathed her at birth.  She's super low key and sweet and nice and she's marrying her high school sweet heart in a few months.  She's smart and she cooks.  I know, I know.  But you'd totally dig her, I swear.
So, ya... this is Emily.  Enjoy.  Not sure how you couldn't. ;)
 EmilySML004.jpg EmilySML005.jpg EmilySML013.jpg EmilySML014.jpg EmilySML016.jpg EmilySML018.jpg EmilySML019.jpg EmilySML020.jpg EmilySML022.jpg EmilySML025.jpg  EmilySML032.jpg
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