I think it's pretty obvious that photographing Krissy is not a hard job.  She's truly a classic beauty and just pointing my camera at her did most of the work.  She wanted a very different vibe from her boudoir shoot which I was really excited about. She wanted more subtlety, nothing overt.  I loved her shoot because I think we worked together to produce a product that she's happy about, that celebrates her beauty while not putting her in a position that doesn't feel authentic.
Krissy, thank you so much for your help and for staying true to yourself.  You're a super babe.  Enjoy.
BoudoirKrissySML004.jpg BoudoirKrissySML006.jpg BoudoirKrissySML008.jpg BoudoirKrissySML009.jpg BoudoirKrissySML010.jpg BoudoirKrissySML012.jpg  BoudoirKrissySML015.jpg

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