Do you remember the house you grew up in? 

My best friend, Kate, and her husband bought their dream home 10 years ago when they were two kids engaged to be married and hopeful about the life that lie ahead. If you’ve ever seen a couple go through life in utter partnership you know how remarkable it can be.  They bought a 200 year old house that had been home to a handful of large families over the 200 years. They learned about the families, they loved that house, they truly put their hearts and souls into it.  It was their dream home then.  And I believe all their dreams, thus far, have come true in that house.
As the years went on they were married and had a son, Ben.  They ran his carriage over the door jam to lull him to sleep and Ben eventually taught himself to read in his bedroom upstairs.  Two years after Ben’s arrival, Anna was born.  She has lit up that home with her giggles and sweetness, her singing and clapping. She dances in every single room, her imagination has made the play room everything from a school house to an O.R..   She has turned her bedroom into a pink crafts workshop, and to fall asleep she needs the lights on low.  William entered life in a kamikaze sprint three years ago next month and the house has been virtually set ablaze since.  He has given Kate another three years of the baby years which she loves and has given someone for Anna to play with and Ben to hug and kiss.  Will is a riot and has kept Kate happy and slim, if nothing else.
Jay has turned the yard into an absolute award winner and it’s been the stage for endless good times.  Together they have hosted countless parties  and play groups, cookouts and dinner parties. In his yard, Jay has taught his children how to ride bikes, play baseball, grow tomatoes, and toast marshmallows.  
Their home is gorgeous aesthetically, but it feels so good to be there because of what they put into it.  It is a home that is teeming with love and family.  It’s truly one of my favorite places to be.
They sold their house this week so they could build a home in a neighborhood where Ben, Anna, and Small Will could grow up with neighbors and friends.  I have no doubt they’ll fill their new home with the same endless amounts of giggles, love, and family.  I can’t wait to be there.
I photographed the kids in their rooms for posterity.  Here’s what we came up with.
Adios, Union Street.  You’ve been nothing but awesome.
KidsSMALL-14.jpg  KidsSMALL-16.jpg