What?  Is this a real family or just four models I picked up at the Really Awesome Factory?  Who knows as long as I was actually able to photograph them.... on a gorgeous day... on the Cohasset Commons.   Never been to Cohasset, MA?  It's what you get when you combine New England charm, the Atlantic ocean, shit tons of money, and a bunch of MILFs.  What? It's true! :)
OK, so Trevor and Gina had Magic Twins.  And Graham and Lily just turned an ENTIRE year old!! They walk like they're hammered drunk, have fat in places you didn't even know could hold fat, and are so cute and lovely I was literally in awe.   Gina, the mama extraordinaire, was SUCH a champ to photograph...she brought berries, blankets, balls, and bubbles.  (yes, yes, and killer bees, bracelets, bok choy, and a bear).  She 'got it', as we say.  And because of all this cooperation and getting it the shoot filled my heart in a way that still resonates. 
They're the best family ever.  This is what they showed me:
thank you. enjoy. love.
GinaTrevorSML005.jpg GinaTrevorSML007.jpg GinaTrevorSML014.jpg GinaTrevorSML017.jpg GinaTrevorSML018.jpg GinaTrevorSML019.jpg GinaTrevorSML028.jpg GinaTrevorSML029.jpg GinaTrevorSML030.jpg GinaTrevorSML034.jpg GinaTrevorSML035.jpg GinaTrevorSML036.jpg GinaTrevorSML039.jpg GinaTrevorSML042.jpg GinaTrevorSML051.jpg GinaTrevorSML054.jpg GinaTrevorSML055.jpg GinaTrevorSML056.jpg GinaTrevorSML058.jpg GinaTrevorSML059.jpg